Our History

Starting off


The branded Company Jackpot Money, LLC was created to offer people the services that they want.  A Café was opened and people enjoyed the games so much the owner developed a way for everyone to enjoy them at home. Making Jackpot Money, LLC one of the pioneers of the at-home play providers

The Monopoly


After being tired of the threats from law-makers, the owner decided to close the doors. The At-home service vanished as well, as many people and processing company's avoided using credit cards for our industry of service. As times went on, lawmakers seemed to have vacated the pursuit of the industry's legality. This is great for everyone especially the players.



A year no one will forget, but we at Arcade Sweeps, has once again found a way for everyone to enjoy what they like to do, and most importantly in the privacy of their own home. Our platform host 4 seperate systems, 3 of which are accessible through an app. This gives you VARIETY

The Process


You must be REGISTERED
1st  Text 702-LUCK-360
2nd Inform us you want to play
3rd Choose what you want to play
4th Inform us of your payment method
5th Make payment and enjoy the games
On Your PC, Laptop, Android, or iPhone
When you win, Text us, and you'll have it within 1-hr Guaranteed...!