Frequently Asked Questions

What are the minimums?

The minimum to purchase is $10.
Membership Activation is $25.

How often can I redeem

You can redeem every day, but only once every 24 hrs. There is no limit on any amount you redeem. Ex. You win $10,000, Then $10,000 will be provided to you within the hour, With a W2-G form of course. 

I'm in Another state, How will I get my redemption.

As long as you are in the USA only, it all remains the same. Within 1 hour you'll have it. 

What is 0 tolerance for negativity?

False accusations
Speaking to us negatively
Texting us negatively

All Grounds for immediate termination of your membership and forfeiture of any obtained entries.

Do you have incentives for referring people?

Absolutely.  Referrals are great and we assist in getting them for you as well... 

How can I play the games?

In order to play the games, you must first register. Once we have received your registration, a customer service rep will reach out to you. Normally within the hour. .

What if I Redeem, and want to play more that day?

Any amount you want to redeem after your redemption on the same day will be added and/or subtracted from to/from your Wallet, so you can continue to play throughout that same day. On the next day, any amount of your wallet can be redeemed.

*I purchased and have not been loaded yet, Can I request a refund?*

*The answer is no, under no circumstances are you to request a refund from any platform we use. If you do so, you will lose access to the jackpots with Arcade Sweeps, LLC for a minimum of 30 days . We know every Deposit made and every click that is done, so we'll know. We only give refunds if you win...If you have a concern, call or text us at